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About Jasmine Cottage Shettleston

Jasmine Cottage offers you iconic and popular dishes. We have several varieties of seafood, meat and vegetable dishes. Boasting of various rich ingredients, our various items will welcome you to a rich cuisine. Our dishes have been perfected to the extent where every single bite will be memorable. We have taken the traditional dishes that are enjoyed in China and prepared them with our own unique styles. If you are already acquainted with Chinese cuisine, you will definitely find our dishes to be a great improvement. We have signature tastes which you cannot find anywhere else. If you have never tried Chinese food, you have the perfect opportunity to try them at the best restaurant in town. There is a myriad of ingredients that we use for our dishes and each one of them adds a special kick to each plate. We can assure you of experiencing a huge array of flavours with the collective selection. Jasmine Cottage prepares the saucy, crispy, crunchy, and even earthy dishes. The whole family can enjoy something from our vast menu. There are also various local favourites that we have included on the menu for anyone who wants a familiar option. All are welcome to experience the amazing services.

Jasmine Cottage Shettleston Restaurant

We are located at 1011 Shettleston Road, Glasgow, G32 7PB area. Enjoy quality services and the best Chinese takeaway in the city right here. We provide our customers with a unique and memorable service. Our devoted team is always excited to welcome guests to our premises. We also provide food delivery services to our local customers. Our service is fast and always reliable. Accessing our services via the web is also an easy process. By downloading our mobile apps from the Google Play store and App Store, you will be able to stay in touch with us at all times. Place the order today and experience quality hospitality from Jasmine Cottage.

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